Woodrise Paper


Designed under the sponsorship of the Global Alliance for Buildings and Construction (GABC), an alliance launched during the « Building Day » of the COP21 with a secretariat provided by UN Environment, the Woodrise Paper compares the opinions of experts of all disciplines from 6 voluntary countries of the alliance: Canada, France, Finland, Brazil, Switzerland, and Japan. It is mainly intended for decision-makers – and wood enthusiasts – all over the world, and spread the word about good practices.

This Paper presents an unseen report on these different practices, through thematic focuses that show pertinent initiatives, often commented by those who have observed or carried them out. Interviews with experts and actors from the 6 countries have supplemented the paper with the sectors’ major innovations, latest trends and hindrances, as well as the environmental aspects and the sustainable management of forests.

This Paper is a manifesto for wood construction. It is based upon reliable and documented figures. It forms the first international benchmark on situations and policies concerning wood construction. As such, it will fuel decision-makers and key stakeholders with fresh ideas, providing new tools to guide their actions.

This Paper initiates a tighter collaboration between the countries, stemming from the technological institutes supporting the project: BRI in Japan, CEDOTEC in Switzerland, FPInnovations in Canada, IPT in Brazil, VTT in Finland, FCBA in France. It is, and will remain, a work in progress, constantly, updated with worldwide inputs. Its starting point: the Woodrise Congress, first international congress on wood construction, held in Bordeaux, 12-14 September 2017.




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