From the design of the structure to the well-being of the occupants, WOODRISE is aimed at all those involved in the construction of mid-rise and high-rise buildings, who take wood into consideration as an essential material for sustainable cities.


Targeted public

The WOODRISE Congress is intended for all stakeholders in the construction sector and aims to bring together, through formal (business convention, theme workshops) or informal contacts, various decision-makers:


Building project owners, developers, EPAs, Architects, etc. along with companies having the potential of meeting their demands by using the necessary materials, engineering and technologies for designing and constructing mid-rise and high-rise wood buildings.
Representatives of public authorities working at promoting the use of wood in this type of structure are also concerned, in particular to share their experiences as well as their methods and procedures in taking action at the international level.
And lastly, engineering and design departments, economists, control bureaus, certifiers of products and structures as well as R&D stakeholders are also invited, as their input is a decisive factor in knowledge and recommendations relating to the solutions best adapted to the challenge of high-rise buildings.

SILVA-VueSUD-Art&Build  Studio BellecourBD

South view of SILVA Tower-©Art&Build
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main goals

The WOODRISE congress has been set up to achieve specific goals:

  • Confirm globalization of demand for mid-rise and high-rise wood building construction into a dynamic low-carbon environment for sustainable cities,
  • Demonstrate international scientific and technological excellence excellence in mid-rise and high-rise wood buildings,
  • Identify economic development opportunities and how to implement implement them with regard to these new markets of the wood sector.
  • Value competencies and national resources in a circular economy.
Hyperion-J.-P. Viguier
View of Hyperion Tower
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