The rise of wood

« Like a tree that grows and rises up towards light, building with wood offers multi-storey buildings the opportunity to rise higher and higher.



For the last 3 or 4 years, promotors, architects, engineers, and builders from various countries have engaged in the design and construction of buildings from 6 to 20 storeys. They have demonstrated that the benefits of using wood extend beyond architectural achievement; wood can be adapted to various projects in an efficient and sustainable manner to enhance mechanical and acoustic properties, and fire resistance.

Due to the growing number of environmental concerns of governments around the world, and the potential offered by optimizing the wood resource, three key players in international wood construction, FCBA in France, FPInnovations in Canada and Building Research Institute in Japan, in collaboration with ADIVbois, have decided to organize the first world congress on high-rise and residential wood buildings, WOODRISE, in Bordeaux on September 12 to 15, 2017.

We look forward to seeing you in Bordeaux.  »





Technological resource for the forest, wood, construction and furniture sectors, with a mission to promote innovation and technical progress and to contribute to the improvement of industry’s productivity and quality by encouraging an integrated approach and implementation of synergies within the sector.


One of the world’s largest private scientific research centres, which comprises more than 525 employees working in research laboratories located in Québec, Montréal and Vancouver. It acts as a catalyst for the transformation of the forest sector by gathering members from the private sector along with colleges, universities and provincial and federal governments.


Building Research Institute (Japan)

The Building Research Institute (BRI) is a public research institute managed as a National Research and Development Agency. It was established to bring sound and orderly development to the housing, building and urban community by enhancing various technologies related to housing, building and urban planning. To fulfill this purpose, the BRI has been mainly conducting R&D (research and development) and international training programs on seismology and earthquake engineering.



Association pour le Développement des Immeubles à Vivre Bois, created in 2014, is supporting the New Industrial France plan as part of the Industry of the Future: Smart Cities focus.